Fallen Angels

We bring Light!
In your Dark Days!

Our story begins a long long time ago. At a time when there was no time, mankind was far from existing and the earth was still a great ball of fire. The building of the angelic realm was nearing completion. Far up in the infinite, they created the holy kingdom of heaven with the help of the Solana gold coins. There was peace among the angels, they worked hand in hand, for all had a common goal. To create an empire in which they could all live carefree. It took a long time to build. So long that in the meantime the earth had already become an inhabited planet. Now that their kingdom was completed and perfect, they were given the task for which they were created. Protecting mankind. The joy was great, the angels were assigned to the people and everyone started their work. But there were also some assholes among the angels who are otherwise known for their kindness and selflessness. They didn't feel like babysitting for anybody. So some formed a gang. Not a day went by that they didn't screw up. But one day exceeded everything. They forged a plan to steal the mighty gold coins in order to use their immense power. Said and done. But they were caught while carrying out their plot. As a punishment, the other angels decided to send the entire gang down to earth, without their special powers, to lead a condemned life among humans. But what nobody knew: They managed to smuggle some of the stolen gold coins back to earth. Once there, however, they had to find that they are useless on earth. Except for one opportunity in 1000 years. When the beam of light from the Solana blockchain is in line with the holy kingdom of heaven on November 27, 2021, the coins can develop their full potential once again. The angels can then use these to return to heaven. They are getting ready to take their revenge. Are you ready as well?


  • 7 rare Angels will be given away to holders


  • 7 rare Angels will be given away to holders


  • 7 rare Angels will be given away to holders
  • We give away 33 personalised mugs with your Angels
  • We start the mearch shop with other awesome Angel merch. (discounted for holders)


  • 7 rare Angels will be given away to holders
  • We will commision 99 coins made of real gold Gold coins are bound
    to a specific trait and can either be claimed or sold on the secondary market


  • 7 rare Angels will be given away to holders
  • We will open a wallet where 3% of all the secondaries flow into.
    From this wallet we will than regularly buy other NFTs
    and once a week there will be a lottery for all holders where we will raffle these NFTs.
  • We will also initially fund the wallet with some OG NFTs.


He is responsible for community management and marketing.





This is our Artist who drew the Fallen Angels.




He is responsible for community management and marketing.





He is our developer and responsible for the technical implementation of the project.



Why Angels?

Our angels were cast out from heaven and sent to earth as punishment for breaking heavenly laws. However, they are now enjoying life on earth. A little too much. Because these motherfuckers just don't want to go back home, so we send them to you on the Solana blockchain. They┬┤re your problem now!

How to get one?

Minting will be live only here on our official website. The price will be adjusted shortly before release, to avoid huge fluctiations in the SOL price.

Why Solana?

We choose Solana against Ethereum because we see several advanteges. On the one hand, there is the comparative extremely high transaction speed that you gain with Solana. On the other hand, the transaction fees are exorbitantly lower than on Ethereum, which is a great advantage for our community. The last thing is the community itself. It is constantly growing and simply awesome.

How to contact us?

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